Why not?
ARe yoU still theRE?



baby baby baby 

This literally just crushed me.

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Take one.

Take one.

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You make a derpy request, you get a derpy result.

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"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".


I was at Dashcon: An Unnecessary Q&A with myself 


i want so badly to ignore this and just get on with my life, considering that i’m in the midst of tour and traveling the US right now, but it’s clear that I can’t escape this. this is a very long post, i am keeping it under a cut.

additionally, at least until tumblr moves on from this, my askbox is off. it is a nightmare. i can’t deal with it right now.

so. I was an invited panelist at Dashcon, and I was on 10 panels over the weekend. my name is mark, I run Mark Reads and Mark Watches, and have been doing so for 5 years next month. (HOLY SHIT THAT IS A LONG TIME.) I have been attending cons for over a decade and been speaking at them as a panelist or a guest since 2011. Including my own tour events outside of cons, I have participated in over 150 “panels,” ranging from 50 minutes to 4 hours. I’m including this upfront because I’ve already been accused of being a 16-year-old nobody who doesn’t know what he’s doing at cons and is ruining fandom. Also, I’m apparently white and straight. ALSO THIS IS A MESS.

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Please put animes and Japanese games in my askbox so I can draw things for this convention Saturday

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New swimsuit cards for TOK’s beach-themed event!




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Yamada/Shiraishi and/or Miyamura. Hogwarts. >:D


The kiss he finally felt he’d earned tasted a little different than he’d imagined, though it wasn’t until he heard Shiraishi’s soft gasp that he opened his eyes and realized what was wrong.

"Y-YOU!" He shrieked hoarsely as he found himself in the Head Boy’s body, his own face smirking smugly back at him as he tried to decide whether there was any point to spitting out his own saliva.

"Yamada, jolly well good," Miyamura said in his worst imitation-London possible as he threw a pacifying grin at Shiraishi’s shocked face, "I’d thought there were students brilliant enough to invent a body-switching spell, but of course only you two would be dumb enough to use it on school grounds."

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I wanted to draw some Marvel ladies for fun so I took some suggestions from twitter.

I enjoyed this a lot and will probably do it again sometime.

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It did it again!

It did it again!

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The Music Industry Asked Him To Change 1 Word In His Songs. His Response Is Pitch Perfect.



Excuse me while I buy this album.

Well I just bought this song.

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Thank god its just as i remember it.


Thank god its just as i remember it.

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